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Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Surgery

In the Department of Pediatric Surgery, diagnosis and treatment of all surgical problems of children aged 0-15 are performed. Urinary tract diseases (kidney growth, kidney reflux, stenosis, bladder diseases, night and day urine incontinence), diseases of the genital area (inguinal hernia, undescended testis and penis anomalies, hypospadias), surgical diseases related to abdominal organs (appendicitis, intestinal knotting, abdominal pain, liver diseases), neonatal surgical anomalies (absence of esophagus, congenital bowel obstruction, absence of anus) are among the interests of this department. Since surgical diseases involving children require a unique treatment approach, these patients are treated by pediatric surgeons.  

Congenital Anomalies / Tumors of Newborns:

• Esophageal Atresia And Tracheo-Esophaged Fistulas

• Intestinal Atresia And Stenosis

• Diaphragmatic Hernia

• Groin Hernia

• Anorectal Malformations

• Malrotations

• Hemangiomas

• Lymphangiomas

• Thoracic and abdominal tumors

• Intestinal Diseases

• Hydrocele, appendicitis, umbilical hernia, constipation

• Children’s Urological Diseases And Operations

• Kidney Tumors

• Renal pelvis and ureteral strictures

• Neurological And Congenital Disorders Of The Bladder

• Undescended testis

• Penis Developmental Defects (Hipospadias, Epispadias)

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