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Pediatric Cardiology
Pediatric Cardiology

Department of Pediatric Cardiology; is a science that deals with congenital / acquired heart diseases starting from fetal (prenatal) period including neonates, infants, adolescents and even young adulthood periods and undertakes diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment Techniques in Pediatric Cardiology
The following examination and treatment methods can be applied in the Pediatric Cardiology Department of our clinic.

Child ECG
Pediatric Echocardiography and Color Doppler Application (Heart Ultrasound)
24 Hour Rhythm Holter
24 Hour Blood Pressure Holter
Effort Test (Exercise ECG, Treadmill Test)
Cardiovascular Angiography Procedures
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Symptoms of Heart Disease in Children
Heart murmur
Chest pain

When to Apply to the Department of Pediatric Cardiology?
In order to control the early diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in newborn and early infants, without waiting for complaints or findings,
If a murmur is heard during the examination,
In case of complaints about heart diseases such as chest pain, palpitation, fainting, fatigue, bruising,
Investigation of the possibility of heart rheumatism in cases such as joint pain / swelling, redness,
Fever and rash lasting more than 5 days, redness in the hands and feet, redness and cracking of lips etc.
Screening in terms of heart disease before sport participation and checking if active sport is performed at least once a year,
If there is a history of congenital heart disease in the family, it is necessary to consult the pediatric cardiology department (including but not limited to the above).