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Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology

In our Medical Oncology Department, we offer special therapies, immunotherapy and targeted therapies in collaboration with personal chemotherapy unit, tumor council, interventional radiology.


Adjuvant, neo-adjuvant and primary chemotherapy in all organ cancers.

Targeted Therapies

Some cancers (lung, breast, colon, kidney, ovarian and skin tumors, etc.) treatments with targeted smart drugs.


Effective treatments against tumors by stimulating the immune system (eg. malignant melanoma, lung and kidney tumors).

Joint treatments applied with Interventional Radiology

Chemoembolization (TAKE), Radioembolization (TARE), Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


PET / CT in the Department of Nuclear Medicine can easily detect small tumors. PET / CT, which is used for early diagnosis, staging and treatment follow-up of oncological diseases, displays the metabolic function and anatomy of the cells in three dimensions in a single session and provides detailed information to the physicians about the disease.

Tumor Council

The most appropriate treatment decisions are made by the experienced academic staff at the multidisciplinary tumor council meetings once a week.

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