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Internal diseases
Internal diseases

Internal Diseases Department is the first application center for the solution of adult health problems and a three-step service approach has been adopted. The first of these is to detect the patient with early diagnosis before the onset of the disease. The second step is to determine and apply the most appropriate treatment option for the diagnosis. In the third and last step, it is aimed that the patient will not catch the same disease again.

Diagnosis and Treatment Areas

• Upper And Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases

• Feverish Diseases

• Hypertension

• Diabetes

• Thyroid Diseases

• High Cholesterol And Triglyceride

• Digestive System Diseases (Gastritis, Ulcer, Reflux, Spastic Colitis)

• Liver And Gall Bladder Diseases

• Lung Diseases (Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Asthma)

• Kidney Diseases

• Anemia And Blood Diseases Diagnosis And Treatment

• Early Diagnosis of Various Cancer Diseases

• Rheumatic Diseases

• Musculoskeletal System Diseases

* Geriatrics / Advanced Age Controls

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