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Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery In our department, adult and pediatric cardiac surgeries are performed by specialist physicians with a multidisciplinary understanding. Heart valve and reconstruction operations are performed successfully especially in pediatric heart surgeries.

Pediatric Heart Surgery:

• Small incisions (4-5 cm) and minimally invasive (underarm) heart surgery in pediatric patients             

• Closing the heart holes             

• Heart valve repair and exchange operations             

• Heart tumor surgery             

• Stenosis in the heart, narrowing of the vessels and their re-operations             

• Pacemaker attachment             

• Conduit changes             

• Application of ECMO type circulatory systems due to high lung pressure             

• Fontan type operations             

Adult Cardiac Surgery

• Coronary bypass surgery (operations performed by conventional method or without stopping the heart)             

• Complete arterial revascularization in coronary bypass (without using the leg vein)             

• Vascular removal with small incisions (from arm and leg)             

• Aortic and mitral valve surgery             

• All heart valve replacement surgery             

• Heart tumor surgery             

• Membrane operations             

• Surgical and angiographic treatment of pathologies of large vessels (Dissection and Aneurysm)             

• All types of aneurysm surgery (left ventricle, aorta)             

• Pacemaker attachment             

• Surgical or closed treatment of peripheral arteries and veins            

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