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Biochemistry is a science that examines the molecular level of living beings. Clinical Biochemistry investigates molecular changes in living organisms, changes in organisms in disease states, and the disorder resulting from the disease.

Biochemistry laboratories reveal the normal and pathological composition of blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other organism fluids. It helps the doctor in diagnosing and guiding treatment.

In our laboratory, tests are performed on the latest technology devices. Every day, internal quality controls are performed regularly under the supervision of specialist physicians and experienced technical personnel. The tests are delivered to our patient as soon as possible.

You can view your approved results by logging into the E-Result section of our website.

Our laboratory is a member of international quality control programs. Serums from the relevant centers are studied at specific time intervals and the results are compared with other laboratories around the world.

Tests in Biochemistry Laboratory:

Routine Biochemistry Tests; diabetes tests, blood fats, liver and kidney tests

Cardiac Tests; (examinations for the diagnosis of heart health and diseases)

Endocrinology (Hormone Science) Tests; thyroid tests, menstrual disorders, hair tests, obesity tests, polycystic ovary syndrome and growth retardation tests

Hematology (Blood Disease Science) Tests: tests for the diagnosis and follow-up of anemia

Prenatal Screening Tests / Screening Tests During Pregnancy: Down syndrome screening (double, triple, quadruple), non-invasive prenatal test (such as panorama)

There is also a Blood Bank (Transfusion Center) in our hospital. In the center, blood group (forward), blood group (reverse), cross match (compatibility), antibody screening tests are performed.

All examinations not performed in our hospital are performed in the relevant laboratories with international accreditation. Studies in related laboratories include biochemical tests, microbiological tests, genetic tests and pathological tests.

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